Dive Trips



From Phillipe Cousteau to David Doubliet, just about every diver who has experienced diving with us has stated that Cayman’s East End is one of the Caribbean’s premier dive spots. Offering, pristine reefs, breathtaking wall dives, excellent visibility and incredible diving.

The Cayman Islands have strict marine conservation laws to protect the underwater environment. Many of our 55 dive sites are within a short boat ride, including the legendary Jack McKenny’s Canyons – one of East End’s famous dive sites.

Here, coral and canyons and sand chutes lead you thorough into pristine deep blue waters of the outer reef before plunging to 6,000ft. These exhilarating walls are covered with brightly hued sponges, corals and sea fans. The 80 -86 of water is second to none when it comes to clarity and it is said that more underwater photographs are taken in the Cayman Islands than in all other Caribbean destinations.

The Caymans’ trademark turtles are common sight and eagle rays, angelfish, reef sharks and grouper count among the 500 species of fish that have been documented here.

Our onsite dive operator - Ocean Frontiers are delighted to introduce you to the spectacular diving of the East End and to ensure they you have a safe and enjoyable dive experience. The Dive Shop offers comprehensive training, a retail store, fresh water rinsing tanks and a dive gear storage area



As a guest you will enjoy rolling out of bed and onto to the dive boat to dive from one or maybe all of our custom designed dive boats.

  • Nauti Cat
  • Ocean Hawk
  • Eastern Skies
  • Top Cat

Our boats are well equipped and furnished to meet your diving needs. Each boat has a fresh water shower, rinse tank and a separate rinse tank for cameras, a camera table, drinking water, lemonade and Orange slices and fresh towels. There is a marine head on every boat.


Two Tank (Wall/Reef) boat trips are scheduled every morning and every afternoon, seven days a week. Night dives are scheduled every Monday and Thursday night. Stingray city trips are scheduled every Friday  and we also offer a Three Tank Safari dive trip every Wednesday.  The boats leave once everyone has checked in onboard the craft. Please plan to arrive on time so we can ensure that all your gear is working properly and you have everything you need for a fun dive prior to leaving the dock.

Dive sites are chosen by the Captain every trip and are not decided until that day. There are several factors that influence their choice; wind, current and visibility. As we want you to have the most enjoyable dive possible. We will also check which sites you have already visited this dive trip so as not to repeat those, and if you do have any specific requested we will try to accommodate these.


Please review and complete your waiver documentation provided to you on check in at the resort. Place your dive gear outside your door before 5:00 pm in the evening or after 7:00 am and a member of the dive team will deliver it to your boat. Please ensure your completed waivers and cert cards are provided to the dive shop before 8.00am on the first day of diving.


  • AM two tank check in at 7.45 am
  • PM two tank check in at 1.00 pm
  • Stingray City check in at Kaibo Yacht club
  • Kittiwake Wreck Dives check in at Lobster Pot Dock / Whitehall Bay, George Town at 2:00pm
  • Night Dives, change throughout the year so please confirm the time with the dive shop.













  • AM Two-Tank Dives Check-In 7:45AM / Depart 8:15AM / Return 11:30-12:00PM
  • Two-Tank Dives 1:00PM / Depart 1:30PM / Return 4:30-5:00PM
  • 3 Tank Safari Check-In 8:30AM / Depart 8:45AM / Return 4:00PM
  • Stingray City Dive Check-In at Kaibo - Times vary